Revolutionizing how Music Albums are sold – The FLARIAN way!

Hammad Naseem (York University graduate) and Ali Rizvi (Phd. candidate University of Toronto) believe in innovation. They are the founders of FLARIAN.

FLARIAN was officially launched in Toronto on March 23, 2012 when they brought their signature flash drive/business card to the market.

[box_info]FLARIAN products could be particularly useful for purposes of sharing basic information such as a business/persons name, address, etc on the card together with a soft copy of some portfolios or promotional business information that will be too cumbersome to give out on paper. For example, a professional graphic designer can hand out a personalised card with his/her portfolio of work stored in the USB drive at networking events.[/box_info]

[box_success]What drives Flarian is a desire for innovation. In particular, their goal is to discover creative and practical solutions that allow to look beyond a technology’s basic and obvious functions in order to harness its untapped potential. For instance their new product, The Flarian Music Player is made out of landfill grade post-consumer regrind plastic (i.e. plastic materials that are supposed to end up in landfills). This kind of recycled plastic is very difficult to incorporate in products because it has very poor structural properties. Ali Rizvi (co-founder), has developed a technology as a part of his doctoral research that enables the restoration of properties of the plastic, making it suitable for use in the Flarian Music Player, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact. [/box_success]

[box_info]The Flarian Music Player is an alternative to CDs to sell music albums on. It would allow you to play albums right off the shelf.[/box_info]

Shape of a credit card. Both sides can be customized with album art and track listings.

Listen to music albums right off the shelf by connecting your headphones to the Flarian Music Player.

Connect to a computer to transfer songs, and to charge the album.

Other uses include:

  • Audio books
  • Business cards for musicians
  • Promotional tool for upcoming artists
  • Cost-effective music player



FLARIAN has been in the market with their flagship product (the Flarian Card) for the past one year. They currently have a working prototype of their upcoming Flarian Music Player that has undergone rigorous quality testing. They want to make some improvements and add some features before bringing it to market. [/box_info]

[box_success]So, here is an opportunity for you to become part of this innovation and of course there are perks as well. The perks include wide range of exclusives from having a say in naming the product to special editions and custom styled and designed music players. Click here to learn more.[/box_success]

Click here to learn about this upcoming product.

[box_tip]If you are on Facebook and live in Canada, you can go to this link, click “Like” and “Share” on the post, for your chance to win the $75 value version of this product, when it’s released by FLARIAN.[/box_tip]


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