Aab – A powerful message in a drop of water!

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Aab (English: Water) is a film maker’s journey into the looming water crisis that our world is faced with.

Aujla Innovations Inc’s most recent Canadian Production AAB, a short film in Punjabi/Hindi/English had a successful world premiere (Punjabi Version w/Sub Titles) at the Punjabi International Film Festival – PIFF – Toronto 2013 – earlier this year.
AAB (meaning “Water”) is story of awakening.  Human-kind has been using natural resources for their own benefits; some of these benefits end-up harming natural resources.  When nature strikes back…imagine the results.

We at ApnaHub.ca had the pleasure of meeting the talented Mandeep Singh Aujla. Mandeep, the founder of Aujla Innovations Inc. is a multi-talented IT professional and he was at PIFF to showcase his short film Aab. Mandeep has been very passionate about Aab and shared with us some insights into how he went through some of the production phases of this short film. Coming from an IT background, Mandeep has effectively used not only onsite production methodologies but virtual and remote as well to deliver Aab.

Our daughter Sahrina inspired me to write this story, and we are so glad that we were able to produce this film in both live and animation story telling form. Starring renowned Punjabi Singer/Actor Jasbir Jassi in an unique role, versatile Singer/Actress Amar Noori, young star Raj, and stunning visual effects created by CrazyCub Animations Studios. Also Sardool Sikander has sung a song (Song is based on Kulwant Singh Grewal’s Mahiya, written by Mandeep S Aujla and Sardool Sikander).

Aab is a meaningful short film that highlights the value of water and the consequences of its scarcity. Freshwater is indeed a natural resource and is vital to the survival of all living things. In Canada, we commonly perceive ourselves as particularly fortunate with our plentiful freshwater resources. According to Environment Canada, Canadian people and industries are among the world’s highest per capita users of water and our apparent abundance of freshwater is relative rather than absolute. Our nation’s modest population in relation to its immense land area and correspondingly large water resource has much to do with the common perception of unlimited freshwater availability.

Aab not only highlights the significance of what water shortage could mean from a wider global perspective, but where it further impresses the viewers is the depiction of water scarcity impact on a personal level, to a family member, a friend or neighbour.

Aab emerges as a desire of the film maker  to bring attention to this serious crisis on which all life depends. We strongly believe that mass media can create the spark that ignites a social change.

Watch Aab and spread life!

The camera work, animations and production values are indeed of high standards. We share with you here behind the scenes work that resulted in this brilliant work with the use of VFX (Visual Effects) and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology. This video reveals the steps taken to get to the final results of scenes by 15+ VFX & CGI artists who worked in this project for 45 days (Total – start to finish) to deliver this production.

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