Mahnoor Baloch debuts in Hollywood movie Torn

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While many Pakistani celebrities are heading to Bollywood, popular Pakistani star Mahnoor Baloch has gone to Hollywood and will be seen in an American Pakistani co-production Torn.

Mahnoor Baloch is known for her excellent performances in number of Pakistani drama serials. She earned fame at a very young age and proved herself in both acting and modelling. Owing to her talent, Mahnoor Baloch was signed for a Hollywood movieTorn along with Faran Tahir. Faran Tahir is an acclaimed Pakistani-American actor known for appearing in several Hollywood films such as Star Trek, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Iron Man.

Torn, is produced by Michael Richter, Jeremiah Birnbaum and James Burke. Jawad Qureshi is the Executive Producer. The film opened in limited release on October 18th in the US.

Plot Outline

Set in a quiet California suburban town. Torn tells the story of two families drawn together in tragedy and then ripped apart through prejudice and fear. Maryam Munsif, an upper-middle class Pakistani immigrant, and Lea Pelletier, a working-class single mom, form a deep bond after their teenage sons are killed when a gas line ruptures, causing an explosion at a local shopping mall. But when the police find evidence that a bomb caused the explosion, Maryam’s Muslim son becomes the prime suspect, and their relationship and lives are stretched to the breaking point.


Jeremiah Birnbaum is a 1st generation American (his father was born in pre-WWII Berlin). With degrees in both film-making and philosophy, he learned his craft working hands-on in the film industry for more than 20 years.


Torn is a uniquely American story that explores the underlying fears and prejudice of our post-9/11 world, through the lives of two families. The cast and crew were multi-cultural and the film is an American-Pakistani co-production

Mahnoor Baloch who made her début with PTV‘s mega hit drama serial “Marvi” will be playing a mother in Torn. The movie was previously named Two Mothers but later renamed Torn.

Mahnoor plays the role of Maryam and Faran Tahir is in the lead as her husband, Ali. Ali is going through his own suffering and becomes increasingly remote and eager to return to their native Pakistan. He is adamant about this, even though they are both longtime citizens of the U.S., Americanized and prosperous – she as a realtor, he a restaurant owner…..

Principal Cast:

Mahnoor Baloch … Maryam
Dendrie Taylor … Lea
Faran Tahir … Ali
John Heard …. Inspector Kalkowitz
Sharon Washington … FBI Agent Reese
Patrick St. Esprit … Charles Pelletier
Jordon Parrott … Eddie Pelletier
Sagar Parekh … Walter Munsif

How did Mahnoor get this role ?

Before she was firmly on board, Birnbaum flew to Pakistan for two days to meet with upwards of two dozen other prospects as well. “There are no casting agents in Karachi,” he says. “You show up and put the word out.” He was extremely happy that Baloch embraced the role in the end. “I wanted somebody who could act in a specifically American context. There in Pakistan, acting styles are very broad – the gestures are bigger, the aesthetics exaggerated. Mahnoor was up for the challenge of leaving all that behind for the more naturalistic American approach. She wanted to stretch herself.”

Torn will be screened initially on October 18th in New York City and then on October 25th in Beverly Hills California per following showtimes:

Village East Cinema in New York, NY – October 18 – Link

Opera Plaza Cinema in San Francisco, CA – October 25 – Link

Laemmle’s Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills, CA – October 25 – Link

Edwards Westpark 8 in Orange County, CA – October 25 – Link

Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley, CA –  October 25 – Link

AMC Mercado on Oct 25 – Link

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