Pakistani drama Humsafar (Rafeeq Al Rooh – رفيق الروح) takes the Arab world by storm!

A first ever broadcast in the history of Arabian Television!  لأول مرة في العالم العربي…

For the first time in the history of Arabian Television, a Pakistani TV drama has taken to the Arabian air waves and that too, not in Urdu, but in Arabic! Yes, Humsafar the drama that kept us all glued right here from Vancouver to Toronto, Birmingham to Glasgow, Jeddah, Dubai and drawing room gossips in Auckland New Zealand, is now airing across the Arab world in Arabic.

The dubbed version of Humsafar, titled as Rafeeq Al Rooh رفيق الروح (English: Soul Mate) began broadcasting on the popular MBC TV Network. The drama has been dubbed in Syrian Arabic accent which the viewers seem to be enjoying.

Here is another teaser that airs on MBC:

Arabic teaser on DailyMotion

The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) Group is the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Arab World which was launched in London in 1991 and later moved to its headquarters in Dubai in 2002. The network broadcasts its entertainment channels all across the globe for Arabic speaking diaspora and has around 14 channels under its umbrella.

“Even Diabetes could not stop him from becoming the TOM CRUISE of Pakistan..” reads Fawad Afzal Khan’s biography on MBC’s portfolio page created for Humsafar – Rafeeq Al Rooh.

The response we have gathered so far from Arabic discussion forums has been overwhelmingly welcoming and shows positive reviews amongst Arabic speakers regarding Humsafar.

بتابعه على ام بي سي بوليود وبصراحة عاجبني جدااااااا 

I watch it on MBC and really like it

الحوارات عميقة ومعبرة والموضوع مميز والبطل وماماته وخالته وباباه الأكثر جاذبية ^_^ 

Interesting face offs, expressive dialogues and a unique story, the hero, his mother, father and aunt are all worth watching 

المسلسل ناجح بمعنى الكلمة و ثالث أنجح مسلسل في تاريخ باكستان من حيث نسب المشاهدة!!!
و المسلسل حصل على العديد من التقييمات الإيجابية من قبل النقاد!!!

A successful series to the core, one of the most hit series in Pakistan in terms of viewership, received lots of positive ratings from critics 

Humsafar has been a remarkable piece of entertainment in the history of Pakistani dramas and also enjoyed a huge applause by the Indian audience when it went on air on Indian drama channel Rishtay. According to BizAsia, Humsafar managed to break a record for Rishtey for being the first non-film/event show to attract such a huge rating at a weekend.

انا ما احب المسلسلات خاصة بتاع الحب بس والله عشقت هاد المسلسل

I do not like romance based stories, but I am in love with this one

Pakistani dramas like Tanhahiyan have aired on Saudi Television’s Channel 2 in the 90’s, however Channel 2 had a limited terrestrial reach in Saudi Arabia and was aimed at expatriate communities only. Now Humsafar dubbed in Arabic and getting air time on Middle East’s popular MBC network assures that most of the households across Arab world are watching it.

MBC is referencing Humsafar – Rafeeq Al Rooh as a HINDI serial. While it identifies the cast as Pakistani, the drama has been categorized as dubbed HINDI instead of URDU! On their YouTube channel, some commentators did clarify here that it is a Pakistani serial.

MBC’s twitter feeds keep the Rafeeq Al Rooh (Humsafar) fans engaged with episode discussions and the buzz continues ………..

 متالق وواثق مؤدي متمكن من ادواته ويجيد التمثيل دون ان يتكلم عيونه معبره نتمنى له النجاح ومزيد من الاعمال  

Highly talented, well versed with acting skills, excels in acting even in scenes which have no dialogues, his eyes express emotions, wish him success and more appearances ….. Comments from Fawad Afzal Khan’s profile page on MBC

With this kind of positive and welcoming response, it goes on to indicate that there is a wider market for dubbed Pakistani dramas in the Arab world.


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